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T / RAW Jewellery is a fashion brand that underpins the everyday things you usually wouldn't perceive as being beautiful. By recreating them in precious metals they receive new life with “a different point of view”.


Tine Haaland-Paulsen is the designer and founder of T/RAW Jewellery. It started out early on when as a a young girl she became fascinated by the shape and form of everyday objects and the beauty of objects we normally wouldn’t perceive as being beautiful. After working as an interior architect and designer for many years she discovered silversmithing and thereby put her nostalgia into creating pieces of precious jewellery that can be worn on any occasion.


The current collection consists of three lines; State of Nature 

which is inspired by nature, A Life less Ordinary 

based on everyday objects, and Urban Playground where a background in design and architecture helps create simple and clean jewellery with renewed expressions.

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